Dissolvable Fabrics with Free Machine Embroidery

Hello there, this is my first blog post and really I can say it’s not the sort of thing I’m used to, anyway here goes – I want to share with you the fabulous results from our workshops, this is the place to see what we do, what we make and the fun we have during your Creative Thread workshops… unfortunately I doubt I will be able to blog every workshop but I will try and find time to share photo’s, so those of you who don’t use Facebook are able to see what we get up to.

On Saturday 16th September = beautiful lacy bowls were created on the Dissolvable fabrics and free machine embroidery workshop. What amazing results we had, everyone stitched like mad I was so impressed with the way this technique was embraced by everyone.

The technique; we used Solufleece Vilene V321 which dissolves in cold water. Treat the Solufleece like a fabric; hoop it into a 10” bound hoop for stability, then away you go. What you need to remember is that all stitches need to be connected to either bits of fabric or to other stitches so that they don’t unravel when you dissolve the fabric.

Thread – go wild try anything and everything, some of the thread we used on the day – KingTut, Gutermann Rayon and Sulky variegated and metallics.

Dissolve; once all your free machine embroidery is complete dissolve the Solufleece away by floating it in a bowl of cold water, let the fabric sink into the water then give it a gentle swish, leaving some of the dissolved Solufleece in the thread allows the fabric to stay firm when dry, bowls can be sprayed with acrylic varnish to keep them stable.

The results; lovely thread bowls made on the day, and all are the first attempts I’m sure you will agree with me they are great.

Debi’s first thread bowl


Detail of Debi’s first bowl, you can see how all the lines of stitch interlock or cross over each other to ensure they don’t unravel when the Solufleece is dissolved.


Sue’s Bowl, Sue concentrated her free motion stitching in the centre to make a distinctive base.

Diana created this lovely shape by forming her bowl over a tin can, again a base was created by a densely stitched area.

Brenda’s thread bowl has lovely ruffled edges, this was created in the drying process, be creative when you choose your vessel to set your bowl in.

Hazel’s thread bowl densely stitched in to create pockets of structure in lovely bright red thread.

Hazel flew on the day and got her leaf finished, ready to dry, there are organza snippets trapped in the machine embroidery.

Julie’s thread bowl, scale is difficult to show in this photograph Julie’s bowl was dried in a wine glass, made in variegated thread in purples, the perfect size for rings on a bedside cabinet.

Hilary’s thread bowl, stitched in navy thread, again worked in repeated circles creating a lovely cell like lacy effect.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the thread bowls and maybe we will have inspired you to try this technique for yourself. or why not try  one of our fabulous workshops coming up throughout the year…

See you soon Linda x