Easter is just around the corner, the sun is shining, our daffodils and primulas are in full bloom, the garden is just starting to burst into life. A normal pre-Easter week maybe! however not this year or last year, we are living in very different times, a time which will go down in history that’s for sure. Easter offers a lovely opportunity to make, whether you are knitting, sewing, baking or dyeing eggs ready to roll and have some family fun.

Decorating Easter eggs is something I loved as a child and in the flavour of Creative Thread I have a needle felting demonstration that you can needle felt along to and make these woolly Easter eggs embellish with white Easter bunnies and stitch. Why not get the kids to join in it’s suitable for over 8’s with adult supervision?

Needle felt & embroider a lovely pastel Easter egg

Click the link above to needle felt along to the video.


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You will need..

  • a selection of dyed Perendale Batt bundles in your colour choices. I used pastels
  • A sponge
  • Felting Needles 38 Star 40 Triangle are suggested
  • A selection of embroidery threads
  • Miliners needle
  • Short pieces of narrow ribbon

Easter and egg decorating was a special time in our family living on a farm we had chickens and a few Bantams so we were never short of eggs. I remember always being on the lookout for a free-range egg when playing in the orchard and one day my luck was in, excitedly and carefully I popped my egg find into the pocket of my pinny. Then scrambled (no pun intended) over the orchard gate, and yes you guessed I smashed the egg! Initially I remember being disappointed this egg wasn’t going to make it to the kitchen. But this wasn’t a fresh egg and soon my disappointment turned to horror as the smell from my pocket floated pungently towards my nostrils… and the black oozing remains of the shell’s content ran down my leg. You can image what my mum said as I arrived in the kitchen… well I’ll say no more on the matter.

Less eventful times but still fun were spent decorating eggs for Easter. I remember tying string round the eggs before boiling in water with lots of onion skins. It was magical fishing them out of the pan having turned the warmest of browns and torture waiting for them to be cool enough to release the string. There’s not much time left to collect lots of onion skins before the weekend, but why not have a rummage through the lose onion box in the shops if you fancy a go. You can get some lovely results by wrapping the eggs with the skins securing with a pop sock and boiling or try using foliage as a resist too.







Do you remember these? 

Lovely cardboard eggs which open into two halves inside was a gift usually a hanky in our house… I wish I’d kept mine I’ve just found these on Etsy £64 for four! What are your memories of Easter let me know, in the meantime I hope you have a go at the needle felting project… Thank you for stopping by best Easter wishes Linda. xx